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Our Mission


Our mission is to help the startup ecosystem of entrepreneurs and talent get launched faster, at a lower cost, with more clarity, and with fewer disagreements over the critical issue of “who gets what” in terms of startup equity.


Our History


Having lived with the consequences of both granting and receiving sweat equity (and having seen lots of startup horror stories involving contentious ownership fights), our app and agreement templates were developed through a collaborative effort of entrepreneurs and attorneys to develop sweat equity agreement templates that incorporate all of the necessary terms to protect both the startup founder that issues sweat equity, and the startup consultant or advisor that works for sweat equity.


Importantly, our agreements are designed to successfully set up the next stage of a startup launch and fly through the venture capital due diligence process, since nothing will kill a potential investment quicker than a sloppy or vague ownership structure without the proper legal documentation and protections.


SweatEquity.com was launched in 2018 and is owned and operated by Boldmore Growth Partners, LLC, a legal process outsourcing firm.