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How it Works

Our process makes it clear and straightforward to issue sweat equity...

Complete one overall Sweat Equity Agreement for each Consultant

  • Overall consulting agreement

  • Clear Company ownership of all deliverables

  • Restrictive covenants (proprietary information, non-compete, non-solicit, confidentiality)

  • Dispute resolution provisions

Complete a separate Statement of Work (SOW) for each phase of work

  • Create as many SOWs per Consultant as you need to stay on track

  • Change the mix of Cash and Sweat Equity on each SOW

  • Establish clear deadlines, payment timing, and acceptance guidelines for each SOW

Issue the Sweat Equity upon acceptance of the deliverables

  • Select from four types of Sweat Equity as appropriate for each SOW

  • The Sweat Equity is agreed to upfront, but only granted when the SOW is properly completed to the Company's satisfaction

Our app walks you through the process...

Fill out the agreements quickly with online forms

Review and sign your completed agreement

The app sends an email to the Consultant, inviting them to review and sign

You receive the PDF agreement in your email inbox. You can also access all of your past agreements from your dashboard

Get Started

  • Save Money

  • Save Time

  • Tap into Expertise

  • Avoid Disagreements

Add as many Consultants and agreements as you need for no additional charge.


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