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Durable Wash Cloths | 25 Count

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Did you just crushed that work out? Nice job but now you stink. Eliminate that foul smell with Sweat Equity's durable wash cloths in our clean linen fragrance. Formulated with bio-engineered enzyme technology, these washcloths eliminate sweat causing odors leaving your skin feeling clean, refreshed and stink free.

  • ON-THE-GO CONVENIENCE: Next best thing to a shower! Sweat Equity Durable Wash Cloths allow you to clean up and deodorize quickly after a hard work out or grueling day in the heat.
  • 25 HEAVY DUTY WASH CLOTH: 3x the thickness and more durable than standard wipes that are safe on sensitive skin and can be used on your entire body as a full body wash cloth.
  • SCENT ELIMINATION TECHNOLOGY: These refreshing wipes are formulated with bio-engineered enzyme technology to help destroy odor and cleanse your skin as well as your gear. Eliminates chemical & organic odors for quality scent control.
  • SNAP SEALABLE PACKAGING: Wash cloths stay mess free and don't dry out. Open and snap close for clean, fresh wash cloths every time.
  • SIZE: 8" x 8"