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All in One Wash & Dryer Sheet - 30 Count

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These Sweat Equity All in One Washer & Dryer Sheets are pre-measured laundry detergent and anti-static dryer combo sheets are a great option at home or in your gear bag, traveling to compete. No heavy liquid, no measuring, no mess! They're easy to transport and will get your uniforms and clothing clean and ready for that next game!

  • ALL PURPOSE WASHER AND DRYER SHEET: All in One washer and dryer sheet is premoistened with detergent, odor elimination boosters and anti-static guard. It has a fresh linen scent.
  • CLEAN, SAFE AND MESS-FREE: Portable, lightweight and mess free laundry option makes skipping the pouring and spilling laundry soap a no-brainer. Leaves your clothing and gear smelling like linen that is safe for sensitive skin.
  • USE WITH ALL MACHINES AND FABRICS: Compatible with regular and high energy washers and dryers.
  • SNAP SEALABLE PACKAGING: Keeps sheets moist and mess free. Open and snap close for a clean and fresh laundry option every time.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Use one (or two on more soiled loads) 8" x 8" laundry sheet in the washer. Then transfer clothes and laundry sheet(s) into the dryer together to eliminate static.